Monday, June 15, 2009

This is the dress that Alli picked out for RJ's wedding. I think she will be adorable. It's big girl enough for her, and little girl enough for her dad and I. lol. We spent 8 hours on Sunday dress shopping and it turns out that Jassmine will wear a dress she already owns, and I am not crazy about the one that I picked out so I just may wear one that is in my closet instead. Being the step mom of the groom makes dress shopping really stink. You have to make the bride happy and worry about not over shadowing the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom. I am so tired of this whole thing. We (Rich, his ex, her husband & I) put our foot down and said enough is enough, and the groom's supper is not going to be at the country club because we can't afford to do it. Now the bride's family is saying that isn't good enough, oh well. If we are paying the bill we get to decide where it is. I have been doing alot of sewing but no time to post. I will get pictures of projects uploaded this week, I promise.

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Julie said...

The dress is darling, Jody. Sorry to hear about the wedding drama - hope all goes well.

How is the "challenge" coming?