Monday, April 27, 2009

So how do you know that the rainy season has started in Minnesota? When you get up at 5 am and go to the basement to get the clothes out of the dryer and what do you find at the bottom of the stairs, but this:

Of course when I found it there wre many plastic totes sitting right in the middle of the puddle, and there are a few more smaller areas around the basement. rich spent his day carrying the totes up to the attic, so that the dehumidifiers could do their thing. This is actually quite good compared to what I found, and luckily there was nothing damaged by the mini flood.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Alli's birthday today. I can't believe she's a teenager now. All my babies are offically not babies anymore!!! Wasn't she cute 7 years ago when she was holding her new newphew Isaac, and she was only 6 then. Now look at her she'sgrown and a big old nut. There's a story behind the spongebob earmuffs, but lets just say she wanted them because Colton loved Sponge Bob. Rich and I are pretty lucky we've ended up with some pretty amazing daughters. Now lets just hope that we can survive the teen years of these last two. lol The top picture is of Alli and Kassidy. She was Alli" best friend when we lived in Oregon they still talk alot and Kass might get to come out for a visit this summer that would be great

Monday, April 20, 2009

It was cold and rainy today so I thought it was a good day for some homemade soup and bread. Then I got it reay and it looked so good I just had to get a picture of it. I made a loaf of cheesy onion bread and a batch of wild rice soup to go with it. The rice is Minnesota grown. It's probaly my favorite soup, but I don't make it very often, that way it's a real treat when I do. Rich is laughing at me for taking pictures of my food, he just doesn'tunderstand i guess after that much work when it looks so good you just want to take a picture.

The crocuses are blooming!!! It's spring in Minnesota. We had a gorgeous week and weekend here. Jassi took these pictures for me on Saturday moning while I was getting the food ready for the birthday/Easter BBQ. She did a great job maybe she should consider photography for a career. I'm glad she did it for me because 4 hours later I looked out the kitchen window and Lillie had picked about half of them and was floating them in my fountain. :) There's a new batch getting ready to open and some mystery plants pushing their way up. It's kind of fun watching to see what will spring up next.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just found another give away that I wanted to share with you all. She is going to be giving away some fabric when she gets back from market, so it should be brand new fabric that no one has seen yet. How exciting you should really go check out her blog.

So these are the pictures from a few days ago when Rich was babysitting for Payton for the day. If you look close Mia is also sitting on his lap. He said that Mia was never far from Payton, and if she did leave for a minute she would run right back and check to make sure that Payton was still there and ok. It was really quite cute.
I'm very excited about the new challenge that our quilt group is doing. I'm so glad that I can still be a part of it even though I live 1900 miles away from the rest of the group. We each get 2 fat eighths of fairy frost to start with and then we need to come up with a couple of projects using them that only take 1 or 2 hours that will make quick fun Christmas presents. Then we will share them amoung the group. Our goal is to have this done by Jul so hat anyone who wants to will have time to make them before Christmas.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So yesterday Rich was very busy. He spent the day with Payton and Mia. It went well and everyone was happy. He did say that for the last hour or so Payton wouldn't let him put her down. It was kind of cute I guess when she ws down in her bouncy seat Mia would run over every couple of minutes and check on her. She also had to "help" when grandpa was giving Payton a bottle. I'm having trouble uploading the pics so Rich is going to fix that for me then I will add them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today was Jassmine's 15th birthday. We had Rich's mom and Roger over for dinner then Serena and Phil came it the girls for dairy queen cake. She asked for contacts and a purity ring for her birthday, so I guess we will be shopping for those as soon as I find an eye doctor in this area. she found a ring she likes online, so that will be ordered, too. She wants to have a friend spend the night and go to a movie for her party. I can't believe it but we will be ordering her class ring on Friday. where does the time go? I can't believe that it's been 15 years already it seems like just yesterday she was the same size as Payton. This is picture of her when she lost her firt tooth, and then one of her with her friend Jeremy. Oh how they change.