Sunday, December 14, 2008

The girls had fun playing in the first snowfall. Don't they look cold.

I made 3 versions of this quilt for my neices for their birthdays it is so cute with the rainbow rickrack. they are all slightly different to highlight the colors that they each like.

This is the quilt I made fo RJ and Bittany. She loves pink so I hope she likes it.

These arethe pillow casesI just finshed for my neices and nephews. I think they turned out great and they will like them.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ok so I got to do some quilting this weekend. I had quilt club with Alli on Saturday morning where I got to show off several of the tops I have finished in the last 2 weekends. Then I spent the rest of the morning making bread, chopping veggies, soaking beans, and getting a roast in the crockpot for dinner. This whole trying to eat healthier is alot more work and takes alot more thinking to get it all organized and have things ready. Then I sat down and started to sew the backs on quilt and several table runners and toppers that will be gifts. Now they are ready for binding or tying. The flannel are so warm and snuggly. I also decided to back a couple of cotton ones with the flannel, too, they will be quilted using rick rack. I've done a couple of these already for friends of the girls and they turned out so cute. I will post a picture a soon as I have one quilted. Sunday morning I went scrapbooking for about an hour an a half, so got a good jump on some Christmas gifts, couple more hours and they will be ready to ship off as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok so heres the link to the basket site. I will probaly try to get at least one done this week so I can see if I rally like them and want o do a whole quilt or not. I do like the idea of maybe making some of th simpler ones more dementional with yoyos or something. Guess I'll just have to play some. I do have to finish the 7 quilts that I am sending back to Minnesota though, so may have to wait one more week. I just rmembered I have a rubber stamping event this coming Sunday, too. I will be nice though cause I will have 3 Christmas presents done when I finish with this event, so that will be good. I really have to get some more pictures uploaded, but of course that means we have to have some good wheather and I have to ger home early enough to take advantage of it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I just got these pictures today. This is my friends set of twins with the quilts that I made for them. She said that they Must Have them on their beds each night. I think they look like they love them very much. I am so happy that they are using them and loving them. I believe everyone should have at least one blanket that was made just for them with loving thoughts so that each time they pick it up they are reminded that they are not alone in this world that there is at least one person who loved them enough to spend the time to wrap them in love.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We spent Thanksgiving with our friends Shawn and Paul and their daughter Maddie. It was so cute Maddie got her first taste of turkey and apperantly she doesn't like it. She was gagging up a storm. Today was kind of a rough day. I got to work on a quilt top in the morning, but then after lunch we took Alli out to the cemetary to be with Colton's family on his birthday. It was very hard sometimes life is just not fair. He was certainly a very loved boy. Really didn't feel like picking up any projects for a while after we got back. I finally picked up an afghan I've been working on, but put it away when Alli decided she wanted to spend some time wih us. She's doing o well most of the time, but still has some rough days like today was.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is the first lock in a new BOM that I found online. I guess I can't not have at least a couple of projects going. I thought it would e fun to do a black and white with an accent color. First I was thinking red then I thought why not do the school colors so I'm going to use orange as my accent. I think it looks pretty good, so far. I finished th BOM tp tha we have al been following for quilt group, but the pictures will have to wait until it stops raining, so I can get a picture outside.

Monday, November 24, 2008

If inly they were this good all the time. Mia is resting up from destroying one of her toys. There was stuffing all over the living room, nothing left iside the poor mouse at all. She was so proud of herself. I'm not sure what Scooter had been up to, but he sure need his nap too.

I did two of this quilt one for my mother-in-laws boyfriend and one for our oldest daugthers boyfriend for their Christmas presents. Again I feel pretty safe that they wont be seeing this so it's ok to post it. I love the fishing scene flannel. Another perfect choice for those Minnesota winters.

This is the quilt that I did for my brother-in-law for Christmas. I think I'm safe posting it because I don't think anyone in their family follows my blog, so he won't see it until it getsback to Minnesota for him o open. It's flannel and wolves are what he collects, so perfect for those Minnesota winters.

These are the actual colorways and the blocks for November. I really am liking the florals. Can't wait to see how these will all come together. I already have it planned on how I want to set it.

Ok so here are the pictures I had said I would get uploaded last week. This first set is the alternate colorway I have decided to do for Gramma's Attic $5 club. Jassmine wanted polka dots for her new quilt and she has a purple room but hernew favorite color is orange, so I had to find a way to make this all work. I think it's going to be great when it's done. I really like the green and orange block it's my favorite so far.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This was the third project I did on my birthday. i wish the pictures would do them justice. All these fabrics are so very petty. The lighting is just so poor this time of year.

Table runner two for birthday projects. I needed to get going on some Christmas gifts.

I just love this fabric, so I had to have it. I think this table runner turned out absolutely beatuiful. It's one of my favorite projects. I decided to spend part of my birthday sewing, making apple butter, and watching the Vikings win their game. The Vikings rock!!!

This is the other table runner I did for Rich. I really like the fall colors in this one. It was th final project I did the binding at the conference, too. You can get alot done in 8 hours, when no one interupts you. Who knew.

This is a table runner that I made for a gift that Rich needs. It was ready for binding, so it went along yesterday as well. I like this one, too.

I went to a continuing ed class yesterday, and took along several projects to work on so that I could stay awake. these things tend to be very monotanous. One of th things that I did was finish the applique for on of the cotton Patch BOM quilts I did in the past. I like the way they turned out. A couple more courthouse steps and this one will be ready to put together.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

For those who don't know this about me I am one of those pet owners who likes to dress up their dogs. This year we decided that Mia needed to be a hot dog. I'm not sure if it was Rich or Alli who decided this. There was some discussion on a ladybug as well, but the hot dog won. As you can tell she is not all that thrilled with me. I guess it's a good thing that she loves me!

So we spent tonight getting the pumpkins carved for tomorrow. Both girls did a great job this year designed their own and cleaned them all out. Check out Jassmine. I guess having your tongue out must be real helpful because she had hers out the whole time.

Alli is such a ham!!!

Mia had a rough day. Barking at the neighbors really wore her out, so she pulled down a quilt and took a little nap. Jassmine couldn'nt resist the picture.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't they all look so cute.

They all had a great time, too.

Here's the happy couple getting ready to leave for the dance. I still can't believe I have another one that is old enough for this type of thing.

I went with the florals for Gramma's $5 quilt club this year and if they stick with this collection through the whole year I will be very pleased. It's a gorgeous collection and I already have a good idea how I plan to set them. Thanks forthe insperation Julie.