Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok so heres the link to the basket site. I will probaly try to get at least one done this week so I can see if I rally like them and want o do a whole quilt or not. I do like the idea of maybe making some of th simpler ones more dementional with yoyos or something. Guess I'll just have to play some. I do have to finish the 7 quilts that I am sending back to Minnesota though, so may have to wait one more week. http://www.quiltersguildofplano.org/bom/bom.shtml I just rmembered I have a rubber stamping event this coming Sunday, too. I will be nice though cause I will have 3 Christmas presents done when I finish with this event, so that will be good. I really have to get some more pictures uploaded, but of course that means we have to have some good wheather and I have to ger home early enough to take advantage of it.

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Julie said...

These are great - I really like the ones from last year too...could be a cute row quilt if done right.
It was good to see you tonight.
Thanks again for the wonderful gift - it was really thoughtful of you.