Thursday, October 30, 2008

For those who don't know this about me I am one of those pet owners who likes to dress up their dogs. This year we decided that Mia needed to be a hot dog. I'm not sure if it was Rich or Alli who decided this. There was some discussion on a ladybug as well, but the hot dog won. As you can tell she is not all that thrilled with me. I guess it's a good thing that she loves me!

So we spent tonight getting the pumpkins carved for tomorrow. Both girls did a great job this year designed their own and cleaned them all out. Check out Jassmine. I guess having your tongue out must be real helpful because she had hers out the whole time.

Alli is such a ham!!!

Mia had a rough day. Barking at the neighbors really wore her out, so she pulled down a quilt and took a little nap. Jassmine couldn'nt resist the picture.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't they all look so cute.

They all had a great time, too.

Here's the happy couple getting ready to leave for the dance. I still can't believe I have another one that is old enough for this type of thing.

I went with the florals for Gramma's $5 quilt club this year and if they stick with this collection through the whole year I will be very pleased. It's a gorgeous collection and I already have a good idea how I plan to set them. Thanks forthe insperation Julie.

Here are blocks 1 & 2 for Alli's $5 quilt club project for this new year. She decided to stick with mom for one more year, but Jassmine decided t bail. She has such a busy social schedule as a teenager you know.

These are th thank you I worked on this week. Simple, but gets the point across.

This kitty has been following the girls home from school the last week. He/she just keeps coming back and trying to sneak in the house. Even the dogs don't discourage him. We keep trying to find someone who will take him. He's very sweet, and stays the night on the porch.