Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Alli's birthday today. I can't believe she's a teenager now. All my babies are offically not babies anymore!!! Wasn't she cute 7 years ago when she was holding her new newphew Isaac, and she was only 6 then. Now look at her she'sgrown and a big old nut. There's a story behind the spongebob earmuffs, but lets just say she wanted them because Colton loved Sponge Bob. Rich and I are pretty lucky we've ended up with some pretty amazing daughters. Now lets just hope that we can survive the teen years of these last two. lol The top picture is of Alli and Kassidy. She was Alli" best friend when we lived in Oregon they still talk alot and Kass might get to come out for a visit this summer that would be great

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