Monday, October 19, 2009

The Vikings still rock, even though they blew a huge lead and almost lost. They still managed to win and be 6 & 0 thanks to some really good luck for them and bad luck for the Ravens. Now on to the good stuff. I really have been sewing some just haven't really had time to blog. Here are some of the things I've done in the last couple of months at various stages. These are a set of coasters I made using the Micheal Miller Julie sent for Christmas in July. They were so simple but what a cute little gift they would be. Just 5 inch squares (so charm pack friendly) then I just quilted in a circle starting in the middle, the snowflakes are some felt ones that I had and I just tacked them in place and the quilting is what holds them down. There is a layer of cotton batting in them and for the backing I used a vinyl tablecloth with a flannel back. Humidity is a big problem in Minnesota in the summer so wanted something to protect my table a little better.

This is a table topper I am working on actually there are 2 of them and a runner for the winter season. Rich went with me to the quilt store to spend my gift card from my Oregon friends thank you all again. He found this bird fabric and asked me if I could do something with it so of course I bought some and these are the results. The pattern is one from fig tree for the toppers and then I just expanded it to make the table runner.

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