Monday, January 26, 2009

This a messenger bag that I made for Alli this weekend. She wanted her first grown up bag, so we went with the green with polka dots, but it is for Alli after all so there had to be some frogs somewhere, so we decided that they could live inside the bag where no one would see them unless she wanted them to. Just like everything else I can't just follow the directions and do what I'm told. No I have to make it 'better' don'tcha know. (Had to throw in a little Minnesotan there.) The button on the front pocket is of Colton he was her boyfriend and he was killed in a farming accident this past summer, so the button is never far from her at any given time. She asked me to add a pocket to the front so she could just drop her phone in and go, not having to worry about the zipper pocket that is inside. She is so excited with it. I'm so happy that she likes it.

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